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General Information

By signing the agreement, each Loacker Franchise Partner decides for independence in his/her own name and on his/her own account within the franchising distribution concept.

The knowledge of the definition, the characteristics, advantages and rules of franchising are as important as all the information about the future business of the Franchise Partner, the range and the services that the Franchise Partner will sell and implement on site.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loacker’s background?

Founded in 1925 by the family of the same name who had a small craft patisserie in the centre of Bolzano/Bozen, Loacker is now a large company run by the third generation of the family enjoying worldwide success:  
six million consumers in more than 100 countries are great lovers of Loacker’s specialities – wafers and chocolate.   

What does Loacker offer its Franchise Partners?

In setting up its current Cafés, Loacker is going from brand name to flagship and returning to its roots by reviving the original idea of combining a retail outlet with supplying the whole range of traditional confectionery products: wafers, chocolate bars, chocolates, spreads, Pick&Mix  - Brand Store – and specialising in its confectionery, patisserie and coffee-shop products in the Cafè. The company is offering two formulae for becoming a Franchise Partner:  

  • a Franchise Partner makes a 100% investment in his/her Loacker Café.  Under this formula, the Partner enters into a franchising partnership with Loacker's regional head office.
  • Loacker will acquire the Café and take care of the planning and set-up costs. The franchising rights are assigned by means of a subletting contract, normally for a period of 12 years.

What are the details of the range offered by Loacker?

  • Loacker Brand Store: a single-brand store carrying the whole range of products marketed under the Loacker label (200 items including special packs and merchandise), where 70% of the range are exclusive products and 30% overlapping trade products.
  • Loacker Café: café with fresh products served at the counter or table.

What is the advantage of opening a Loacker Store?

Anyone who opts to open a Loacker Café has the security of belonging to a well-organised company which is always there to provide expert assistance in the operations of its members, on which the strength of the franchising project is based, working on the principle ‘the more successful the individual Store, the more successful the brand will be and vice versa’

What are the keys to success of the Loacker franchise project?

  • The Loacker brand name
  • The range of high-quality products and services
  • The franchise system principle
  • The advantages of working together with the company, including centralised purchasing management, shared investment decisions, convincing marketing concepts

The fundamental key to the success of Loacker’s franchise system is still its people who are committed and identify with the system, who successfully apply the defined strategy and experience the company philosophy personally, turning each person’s success into success for everyone.

What are the characteristics of a typical Loacker Café?

In choosing a location, preference is given to a busy area, nationally or regionally important towns, highly rated, regionally important shopping centres, high-quality surroundings valued for tourism and leisure, meeting-places for the community. Floor space may vary from 120 to 250 square metres, with the sales area divided up as follows: 1/3 Brandstore + 2/3 Café and Pastry shop.

The existence of an outside area is preferred. 

What is the baseline investment for a Loacker project?

  • €400,000/€500,000 according to the size of the Loacker Café (specified as €1,500/m2 for installing fixtures and fittings for the Café)
  • A bank guarantee to be calculated according to the size of the premises
  • A contribution to the pre-opening promotion based on the size of the premises

Does the Franchise Partner have to pay a joining fee?

To ensure the professionalism and serious intent of the Franchise Partner, the following is required:

  • €25,000 for admission to the Franchise System, delivery of the user manual, advice and assistance on opening as well as territorial protection

Are any royalties required?

In order to safeguard the reputation of the brand, expertise made available by Loacker, continuous development of the brand, ongoing company activities to promote the growth, development and protection of the franchising system, the Franchise Partner is charged:

  • 2.5% on Brand Store sales
  • 5% on Café sales

Is a contribution required for marketing?

Each franchise Store forms part of the Loacker System and as such must contribute to the success of the brand, so each Franchise Partner is charged:

  • 1% on total net sales, as a marketing contribution to the Loacker network (100% of this amount is re-invested in local marketing activities)
  • 1% on net sales, as a local marketing investment

What services are provided to a Franchise Partner?

  • Analysis of the location in terms of its potential for visibility/footfall/sales
  • Planning of the sales outlet layout
  • Drawing up the financial model for the retail outlet
  • Support in the start-up phase
  • Delivery of the user manual
  • Regular visits by the Area Manager
  • The establishment of quality standards and continuous quality control
  • Modules for planning sales, revenues and costs
  • Development of promotional and marketing campaigns
  • Everyday assistance from the Regional Head Office ‘Support Center’ 
  • Initial training for the Franchise Partner at company offices and the retail outlet
  • Refresher and management courses for the proprietor and staff

Is there provision for territorial protection?

There is provision for territorial protection, in that no other franchising rights for a Loacker Café will be granted 

What qualities do Loacker Franchise Partners need to have?

Franchise Partners must be able to rely on a solid financial background, have the necessary experience in business and the food sector and an ability to lead and motivate their staff.  It is important that the Franchise Partner identifies with the guideline values associated with the Loacker brand, is willing to be readily available, creative and enterprising, has a strong sense of self-reliance and, at the same time, the ability to work in a team.

Welcome to Loacker's world of pure goodness!

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