More than good

New improved Loacker recipe

Our new improved recipe: more than good

Not just raw material

Here at Loacker, goodness never stops. Since 1925 we have been creating fine products with high quality ingredients. And more. With our new improved recipe we aim to improve sustainability, environmental protection and fair treatment of our partners and farmers all over the world. Because goodness is a choice.



100% natural taste

All of our products are made with ingredients of certified origin only. Our Alpine milk is completely NON GMO and processed at our Dolomites Milk production plant. The hazelnuts, cornerstone of Loacker’s specialties, are 100% Italian and roasted directly in-house. Thanks to our projects we are able to get cocoa and vanilla from sustainable farming owned by carefully selected partners.

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Environmental protection

Nature is the secret of our products’ unique taste. That’s why it is worth all of our care. Each step of the growing process is made with the least impact on the environment, and the electric power used in our production sites comes from fully renewable sources. We also reduced our use of plastic in packagings on average by 15%, resulting in 120 tons less plastic waste per year while still keeping the same delicious fragrance.

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Respecting the people

Behind the taste of our ingredients there are wise hands and valuable communities, which we support all around the globe. We make long term agreements with new infrastructures and dedicated projects. We believe in our partners’ independence and, above all, of young people and women. That’s why we provide them with education in matters of microfinance, environment and deforestation.

More than good

Our new improved recipe is not only about raw materials’ high quality. It concerns the whole production chain, involving our trusted partners and investing in environmental, energetic and social sustainability of the manufacturing processes. Discover all of our more than good ingredients.