More than good

New improved Loacker recipe - Cocoa

More than cocoa

Loving cocoa, loving its world

Our products bring cocoa’s powerful aroma to life since Alfons and Armin’s days, when they used to prepare chocolate delights in their patisserie in Bolzano. Since then, we have always been searching for high quality raw materials, and much more: in the new improved Loacker recipe you will also find sustainability, environmental protection and fair treatment of our partners and farmers all over the world. Because goodness is a choice.

Sustainable Cocoa Farming Program

Driven by our desire to source high quality cocoa together with the certainty that this result can only be reached through a direct control of the production chain, we launched our “Cocoa Farming Program”. We identified two areas for cocoa beans’ growth, the Ivory Coast and Ecuador, and we carefully selected local cooperatives to collaborate with.

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Looking for the perfect fruit

The Ivory Coast cocoa has an earthy flavor, while the beans from Ecuador come from noble varieties of cocoa with a fine and aromatic taste. The balance between these two types of cocoa gives our chocolate its variety of shades.

Sustainability and respect

Fair treatment, long-term agreements and direct contacts with partners: this is the secret of our high quality raw materials. When harvesting we have the chance to get to know local farmers and their needs: that’s why we invest in greenhouses and wells, and we offer them agronomic and micro-financial education in particular to women, who are highly skilled and patient workers able to provide for a whole family.

More than cocoa

Our new improved recipe is not only about raw materials’ high quality. It concerns the whole production chain, involving our trusted partners and investing in environmental, energetic and social sustainability of the manufacturing processes. Discover all of our more than good ingredients.