More than good

New improved Loacker recipe – Cocoa and milk

More than cocoa and milk

Intensity and delicacy

Milk and chocolate are a perfect combination,that comes into its own in our recipes. Two precious ingredients we attach particular attention to, not only in terms of raw materials: with the new improved Loacker recipe we aim to improve  sustainability, environmental protection and fair treatment of our partners and farmers all over the world. Because goodness is a choice.

Alpine milk only

Milk is the main ingredient in all of our products. Our Alpine milk is NON GMO and comes from local farms where cows are free to happily graze open air, in order to give us precious milk that will then be dried in our Dolomites Milk spray drying plant, in the heart of the Alps.

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From cocoa to chocolate

Our constant research for the best raw materials brought us to identify two ideal locations for our cocoa beans: the Ivory Coast's earthy flavor and Ecuador’s fine taste combine together to give our chocolate its variety of shades.

Sustainability and nature

The secret behind the quality of our ingredients is our respect for the gifts nature gives us and for the people who carefully grow them. Part of our cocoa comes from the Sustainable Cocoa Farming Program, a project dedicated to supporting partners and local communities. We get our milk from farmers who feed their cows with natural fodder.

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More than cocoa and milk

Our new improved recipe is not only about raw materials’ high quality. It concerns the whole production chain, involving our trusted partners and investing in environmental, energetic and social sustainability of the manufacturing processes. Discover all of our more than good ingredients.