More than good

New improved Loacker recipe – Bourbon Vanilla

More than vanilla

The unique taste of Bourbon vanilla

Our love for vanilla dates back to the days when Armin Loacker used to choose finest Bourbon vanilla  pods for his creams. Since then, we have been doing our best in order to use only best quality vanilla. But that’s not all: in the new improved Loacker recipe you will also find sustainability, environmental protection and fair treatment of our partners and farmers all over the world. Because goodness is a choice.


A familiar aroma coming from far away

The birthplace of this nature prodigy is Madagascar, a small gem in the Indian Ocean which produces vanilla beans for the global market. Vanilla coming from the Comoros Islands and from Réunion also claims the same prestigious quality, which is both a symbol of its renowned taste and of the hard work of local farmers.

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Sustainable vanilla from Madagascar

In 2019, moved by the desire of guaranteeing the use of 100% traceable top quality vanilla, we selected three villages to collaborate with and developed the sustainable project “Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar”: a supply chain which is monitored in all steps, from growing to harvesting, to fermentation and drying, until arrival to our headquarters in South Tyrol.

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An opportunity for local communities

Listening to the growers’ stories allowed us to identify those activities which are useful for the territory. The projects are dedicated especially to women, in order to make their everyday life easier and promote their education and independence, but also to the whole community: public toilets, river dredgings, waste collection activities, new plantations and young people’s education in the field of environment and deforestation.

More than vanilla

Our new improved recipe is not only about raw materials’ high quality. It concerns the whole production chain, involving our trusted partners and investing in environmental, energetic and social sustainability of the manufacturing processes. Discover all of our more than good ingredients.