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Speed and resistance in cross country skiing, concentration and aim at the shooting range: if you want to win in Biathlon, you must be good in two disciplines, just like the goodness of Loacker products is a combination of both outstanding taste and quality.

Loacker and biathlon are both  passionate about the good things in life: authenticity, talent and the love of nature.

The competitions and preparation take place between snowy pistes and targets, where the athletes must know how to assess temperature, light, snow quality and wind … this requires a talent to be in tune with the surrounding nature.
Loacker's goodness is also created amidst nature, surrounded by the Dolomite mountains; in South Tyrol, where formidable Italian biathletes were born and shaped, and in East Tyrol in Austria, at Heinfels.

This is the reason why we have chosen biathlon, currently the most popular winter sport in Germany, and are advocates in the World Cup and World Championship contests, at the side of the Italian national team and together with the #LoackerTeam!

Are you ready to follow us on this exciting journey through skiing competitions, powerful emotions, and lots of Loacker sweetness?