News Goodness is a choice - March 2020
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Auna di Sotto (BZ) – Loacker – a South Tyrolean company leader in the international wafer market and specialized in chocolate specialties – is proud to reveal an important integrated communication project. Its objective is to tell consumers about the Loacker world and the goodness which has always made it stand out.

“Goodness is a choice” is the claim of Loacker’s new communication platform. A goodness which goes above and beyond mere flavor: It traces its roots back to the good choices taken and supported by the company since 1925, its founding year.

Loacker has rolled out a long-term project aiming to reposition the brand. By leveraging a completely new language, it wants to ignite the emotions of its consumers, who are becoming ever more conscientious and knowledgeable. The new claim, “Goodness is a choice”, which complements and strengthens the iconic “Loacker, pure goodness!” claim, is used by the company to tell consumers everything about its proverbial goodness: a company shaped by small and big daily decisions without ever compromising. That is the only way to obtain the goodness that is associated in the whole world to Loacker as soon as someone takes a bite of its treats.

The company’s commitment takes center stage in the campaign. It shows its choice of natural and high-quality ingredients, how it supports raw material producers, and its decision to keep the production plants in the heart of the Alps, where the air and water are fresher, cleaner, and purer.

The concept at the core of the new campaign was translated into an advertisement manifesto developed for various touchpoints. The company values are narrated using images which clearly reflect Loacker’s commitment towards people and the region using simple gestures full of love and attention. All outdoor scenes, including, of course, the opening scene with the Sciliar, were shot in South Tyrol in the vicinity of Loacker’s Auna di Sotto plant.

The new audio, brand theme and sound logo are the evolution of the famous, “Loacker, pure goodness!” jingle: lyrics turn into sounds to create a highly emotional communication. The Gnometti, who have always been the protagonists of Loacker’s image and culture, will continue to be part of the brand communication as ambassadors in the promotional campaigns and the more playful ones.