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Auna di Sotto (BZ)Loacker – a South Tyrolean company leader in the international wafer market and specialized in chocolate specialties – is proud to present its latest, irresistible novelty:  Loacker Gran Pasticceria Biscuits, the first line of Loacker biscuits. These shortcrust or meringue biscuits are available in the four following tasty options: Snowflakes, Chip Choc and Nut Selection Hazelnut or Almond.

Loacker Gran Pasticceria Snowflakes is a soft and crispy biscuit. Its base is covered in a light layer of refined dark milk chocolate (39% cocoa). A simple yet refined treat, its name becomes obvious upon seeing a snowflake printed on its shortcrust side: a feast for the eyes and palate.

Loacker Gran Pasticceria Chip Choc is the irresistible Loacker interpretation of a classic loved by all ages: a chocolate chip cookie. A traditional recipe complemented and enriched by Loacker’s unique taste thanks to the fragrant aroma of Peruvian single origin dark chocolate chips (21% of the product) added to the dough.

Loacker Gran Pasticceria Nut Selection comes in two flavors: Hazelnut, boasting 100% Italian hazelnuts toasted in-house, and Almond, with 100% Italian almonds. The Gran Pasticceria Nut Selection features two crispy meringue biscuits covered in a mouth-watering hazelnut brittle or irresistible almond flakes, a prelude to their refined hazelnut or almond cream. Nut Selection is then covered in a decadent dark milk chocolate layer (39% cocoa).

The Loacker Gran Pasticceria Biscuits represent an absolute innovation for the company, its first ever shortcrust or meringue biscuit line. Loacker is a synonym for wafers the world over and has now taken the first steps in the “biscuit” market on the back of its quality ingredients and long-standing experience. Its aim? To conquer its brand lovers as well as whoever wants to treat themselves to moments of sweetness and refined goodness.

To Loacker, goodness means a lot more than just flavor: it traces its roots back to the good choices which have always made the company stand out. After all, “goodness is a choice”, as highlighted by its new brand promise.

The new Loacker Gran Pasticceria Biscuits are irresistible because they are obtained without additional aromas, colorings, preservatives, nor hydrogenated fats. The trademark high-quality of Loacker is also guaranteed by the constant attention the company pays to the environment, using natural ingredients for exquisite treats. The production plants are located in the Alps, where the air is fresher and purer, and the water is crystal-clear.

The new Loacker Gran Pasticceria Snowflakes, Chip Choc and Nut Selection Hazelnut or Almond are ideal when having a hot drink or perfect for a special something for breakfast, a snack, or a palate cleanser with friends after dinner. What are you waiting for? Give them a try and discover your favorite one!