Vanilla pods

For us, there is only one place in the world where vanilla develops an incomparable aroma, and that is Madagascar.

Our vanilla, the quintessential spirit of Madagascar

On this island with its lush, verdant nature, we select tender vanilla pods, an ingredient that makes many of our specialties so delicate and tempting. Just one taste and you'll discover the exquisite subtleties of its aroma and its beguiling notes, which will give you the perfect tasting experience and have you coming back for more.

Part of the vanilla pods we use come from a sustainable project with smallholders that we have set up in Madagascar.


Processing vanilla pods

The vanilla is delivered in bundles and goes through its first quality check. Then it is cut by hand and, at the same time, each individual pod is thoroughly checked for quality again. We particularly check that vanilla crystals have formed. They are an important sign that the vanilla has reached its ideal flavor. After minimization by machine, the vanilla is now a powder and is made available for production.

Vanilla aroma

The precious vanilla is treated as a valuable treasure at Loacker - and processed with corresponding care. The reward for this effort is the delicious smell which even reaches the stairwell at our factory.

Our vanilla from Madagascar

Working with local small farmers makes our vanilla sustainable, transparent and fair.

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