Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is so important to us that we naturally keep a close eye on our packaging, too.

Sustainable packaging

Compatibility with the environment and health

The packaging must be able to withstand the effects of pressure, moisture or gas, to avoid a massive food waste. We care about our planet just as much as we do about our product.

We managed to reduce plastic without losing quality and the durability.

Here are some facts and figures on our thinner foils:

Paper-based packaging


The first paper-based packaging of our Goodness and Wellbeing line "Multigrain" and "30% less sugar" was launched in 2022. It is a brand-new wrapping in PAP-PPmet, which reduces the use of plastic by about 60% compared to our Classic line. Furthermore, if incinerated, the paper-based wrapper minimizes the release of fossil CO2, reducing impact on the environment. 

Furthermore, our packaging experts are in constant exchange with packaging manufacturers and research institutes to make further improvements. We are also investing internally in research and development projects to get closer to our common goal of more sustainable enjoyment of our products. 

At Loacker, goodness is a choice

We have traced a path that we will keep for the long term, for this is the only way we can eventually repay the planet for the magnificent gifts it offers us. Another important commitment that shows who we are. 

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