Loacker Café

Come and explore the world of Loacker. Sit down and leave the everyday hustle and bustle behind, even just for a bit.

Loacker Café

Where to find us

The Dolomites are all about the marriage between alpine charm and the Italian bella vita. And the same applies in all our Loacker Cafes.


We are looking for the right partners, who can sign up for Area Development Agreements to open Multiple Franchise Loacker Café Stores in your market! 

What is required:
Passion for our brand; knowledge and experience in the food service industry, real estate and development and market trends;  financial capabilities to invest in the project.

Are you interested? If yes, contact us here: retail@loacker.com

Explore the Loacker Cafes’ world

Some places seem to have been made to escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Returning here is always a pleasure. At Loacker we have set the ambitious goal of making the Loacker Cafés into one such place. We love nature, the region we live in, and the Dolomites. So much so we cannot wait for our guests to discover the world of Loacker!

Discover the variety of Loacker products

Take a stroll in our Brandstore to discover our traditional wafer and chocolate specialties, unique Loacker products, and all our new products. The store also features amazing gift ideas and merchandise.

Loacker’s roots

Treat yourself to special moments in our Café and discover the world of Loacker. Stop by for breakfast, order our exclusive coffee blend, try a light but hearty lunch or enjoy a sweet mid-afternoon treat.

Loacker Café

Pure goodness does not get closer than this

Everything your heart desires!

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