Sustainable supply chain

We are well aware that the planet we live in belongs to our children, and we work every day to protect its resources. For you and all those who would like to make a good choice, we select truly genuine raw materials working in accordance with our tradition.
We adore the authentic taste that only nature can give, so we use no added flavorings or colors nor hydrogenated or trans fats.
But let’s take a closer look at what taking care of our raw materials means at Loacker.


Loacker - NON GMO certified

All our products are NON GMO. This covers all raw materials like plant based raw materials (soy, corn, etc.), animal raw materials (milk, egg) that come from animals fed with NON GMO feeds, and small components of our recipes.
It is annually controlled by an external certification, the FoodChain ID.

FoodChain ID Certification

Great partnerships with our raw material suppliers

We already have important ties with countries that we have come to know and appreciate, and that constantly inspire us.

If possible, we prefer to buy from suppliers close to us, such as Italy, Austria and Germany. We have our own hazelnut plantations in Tuscany and our own milk derivative plant in South Tyrol.

Ingredients which cannot be grown in Europe are sourced from other parts in the world such as South America or West Africa where we try to improve the everyday lives of our suppliers and farmers.

A watchful eye on our socio-economic impact

We always keep a very close eye on the effect our work has on local communities. 

Fair, long-term partnerships with our suppliers

We prefer doing business on equal terms with our partners, who share our guiding principles on fair and sustainable management.

Fair working and living conditions

Bringing know-how and work, and thus better living standards, to tropical countries has very positive effects. In Ecuador for example, improving the economy of villages means the campesinos do not need to move to the cities.