The world of the Loacker Gnometti

Discover the magical world of the Gnometti and get to know them!

The world of the Gnometti

Welcome to the Gnometti's world

The world of the Gnometti rests on the hills of the Sciliar/Schlern in the heart of the Dolomites where nature is still the main character, and the air and the water of the streams are clean and crystal-clear. The small village of the Gnometti is located right here, where they lead a happy and cheerful life and where every morning they bring the goodness of Loacker to the rest of the world.


I’m Mestolo and I’m here to welcome you to the world of goodness of the Loacker Gnometti. We live in a small village nestled on the hills of the Sciliar...

Meet the Gnometti

Here come our Gnometti! You’ll find many Gnometti in Loacker’s world of goodness.
The undisputed chief is Mestolo, followed by Ciocolotto, a real chocolate whizz, and Mimmola, the mother of the village. Then there is Cialdino, he can tell you everything about wafers, and charming Vanigliola, who knows everything there is to know about the vanilla flower and the magic of aromas. Nocciolo expertly selects and processes hazelnuts and, last but not least, Quadratolo, the inventor of the Quadratini.
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The Gnometti and the legends of the Dolomites

The Sciliar/Schlern plateau is inhabited by mythological and legendary characters which live in the forests and meadows of the area. Witches, gnomes, giants, and fairies with magical powers roam the land. These stories originate from here, and have been passed down from one generation to the next, recounting how the hills of the mountain have been home to gnomes with special powers for centuries.

The Gnometti’s village

The Gnometti’s village is around here somewhere… Yes, but where? Somewhere, didn’t you listen? In a lush, green area at the foot of the Sciliar/Schlern. The Gnometti live in typical, wooden, mountain huts, as Tyrolean as they come, with flowerpots peppering the balconies, and flowers gathered from the surrounding woods. Mestolo’s house and workshop are located right at the center of the village and is the largest building of all of them.

The history of the Gnometti commercials

Discover a broad selection of commercials that have been produced since the 1980s.