What mindful indulgence means for us

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For us, mindful indulgence means a range of products boasting a light natural taste and responsibility along the entire product life cycle, which allows us to meet the urgent demand of our times for taste, wellbeing, and guiltfree indulgence.

Your good choice

Goodness is your choice.

Goodness & Wellbeing

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Nothing better than our body, the quintessential natural system, can tell us how fitting our lifestyle is. Nothing better than the environment around us, a truly wonderful resource, can show us just how considerate we are towards those who will come after us. Today, our bodies and the environment are imploring us to behave respectfully. They both require the care and consideration that are increasingly important for both one and the other. To respond to such natural requests, we have created Goodness & Wellbeing, a new product family inspired by a concept of goodness that satisfies our most natural desire: to look after ourselves and the planet. This is why the wrappings used for the 45g, 90g and 175g formats in this new line choose paper as their primary material.