Quality from nature

The best from nature

Can one achieve excellence without the finest ingredients? We don’t think so. We adore the authentic taste that only nature can give, so we use no added flavorings or colors. We do not spoil what the earth offers us by changing its consistency. And there are no preservatives in our products, which are kept crispy and fragrant by high quality packaging.

But let’s take a closer look at what taking care of our raw materials means at Loacker.

For us this translates into projects that allow us to offer you the best in full respect of the planet's resources, local farmers and their families.


Our sustainable raw materials projects

Loacker uses 100 % Italian hazelnuts which are roasted inhouse using a special process?

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This is how our products are made

We take the first steps towards a natural taste experience when we develop our recipes. The first wafer recipe comes from the family itself. . A hundred years ago, Alfons Loacker made the first “Bozner Schnitten” according to an old Austrian tradition of baking. The process of developing recipes is now more complex, but the criteria are still the same. Natural high-quality raw materials and ingredients, no artificial additives, a balanced composition and best eating quality are the foundation for every recipe. But our products should not only taste good, they must also be wholesome. That’s why we don’t use ingredients that can negatively affect the health of consumers, such as genetically modified raw materials.

All Loacker products are homemade. They are all produced in our production facilities in Auna di Sotto/Unterinn and Heinfels. Both of them are nestled in the heart of the Alps in the midst of pristine nature - where the water is fresh and the air is pure. And no matter where in the world you find Loacker products on the shelves, there is no difference in quality. We really value the careful handling of raw materials and ingredients during production. We aim to emphasize the special characteristics of each ingredient and preserve their quality. But careful processing also helps to minimize rejects and thus to save resources. Short lead times further guarantee that the products are always packed and shipped fresh and without loss of quality.


This is how we take responsibility for people, for the environment and for our quality.

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"Add goodness, and you will get goodness.”

Armin Loacker

Loacker Book of ingredients

Are you curious and want to find out more about our ingredients? Browse through our Book of ingredients!