Good things tell our story

Loacker is not just a brand: it’s the story of a family! Good things enchant us, good things inspire us, good things unite us...

The story of a family

How it all started many years ago

In 1925, when Alfons Loacker created his first “cialda di Bolzano” – his first Bolzano wafer – he could never have imagined that it would make history.


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We are what we have always been

The satisfaction of working on something that brings pleasure to millions of people makes us love our work all the more. It gives us a love of life itself.

Three generations of pastry-making tradition

In 1925 Alfons Loacker bought the pastry shop in Bolzano where he had learnt his trade. His pastry making skills and the raw materials he personally chose won people's hearts. Since then, our love of good things and a job done well, coupled with a certain tenaciousness, has been behind our every decision.

In 1958 his son Armin became the production manager and, ten years later, his daughter Christine took over the administration side of the business. The two of them joined forces and a new sense of harmony could be felt at Loacker. In the 1970s, the production was moved up to Auna di Sotto, 1000 meters above sea level.

Alfons's three grandchildren – Christine Loacker-Zuenelli's son Ulrich, and Armin's sons Andreas and Martin – joined Loacker in the 1990s. Ulrich, in administration, guided the company to world leadership in the wafer market. Andreas started taking care of research and development, the procurement of ingredients and sustainability. Martin took charge as Chairman of the Board of LFH GmbH.

What are the plans of those who have "good things, made to perfection" in their DNA? To keep bringing joy to those who love Loacker specialties, while protecting the precious resources of the planet for generations to come.

Loacker has fans in more than 100countries?

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The values that guide us

Loacker is a brand founded from the heart and staying true to these values has been integral to the
success of Loacker’s development and is crucial for its future growth. For this reason, we accept no compromise on quality.
The values handed down from generation to generation live on in the third generation.

Loacker family old picture with pastry chefs Alfons and Armin in the bakery shop in Bolzano - Loacker

“The Dolomites is a land that tells fantastic
stories, in which nature always plays
a fundamental role, as it does in our products”

Alfons Loacker, 1933

“We look for the best ingredients, we create the best recipes, and we craft the best products we can – as we would for our friends”

Armin Loacker, 1984

“We need to make sure that our values
don’t get lost... We can make something good for our next generations.”

Andreas Loacker, 2015

Our origin

The love of nature has inspired Armin to find a new setting for Loacker delights, where the air and water are pure. And so, in the 1970s, we moved to Auna di Sotto/Unterinn, a thousand meters above sea level in the heart of the Alps, where we enjoy the most stunning view of Sciliar Mountain. When we needed a new bakery in 1999, the natural choice was Heinfels, in the Alps of East Tyrol: the purest pleasures do not come from just anywhere.

Based on its distinct shape, the Sciliar/Schlern is not only South Tyrol's landmark but, as a symbol of naturalness, purity and origin, it can also be found in our logo.

The employees at our head office in Auna di Sotto/Unterinn are always looking out at the impressive mountain. But this view will never get boring because it always shows itself differently, depending on daytime and season, displaying its beautiful colours.