Our road to sustainability

Our road to sustainability

How we take responsibility

The Loacker Sustainability Strategy is based on our corporate mission and vision statements, and on our business policies.
Our quality and sustainability policy firmly establishes sustainable management along the entire value chain. We strive to maintain a balance between environmental, economic, and social responsibility.

Sustainable supply chain

Our environmentally and socially responsible standards for core ingredients.

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Contribution to climate neutrality

Our actions and pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Sustainable packaging

Our use of the 7 R’s of sustainability in relation to product preparation and packaging.

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Loacker - Quality control at production sitesLoacker - Our production sites

Mindful indulgence

Our answer to the demand for taste, wellbeing and guiltfree indulgence.

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Loacker - Mindful pleasure and indulgence

Social responsibility for the people in our company

Our model for a transparent and inclusive company culture.

Loacker - Social Responsibility towards peopleLoacker - Happy employeeLoacker - Satisfaction at work