We choose goodness

Being part of Loacker means embracing our corporate philosophy. Find out what teamwork means to us and how we choose goodness in all we do.

Goodness in our job

Our corporate culture

We take responsibility towards people and the planet in everything we do and in the entire value chain. Our inspiring model is based on outstanding quality expectations, environmental responsibility, long-term uprightness and collaboration, innovation and technological advancement. We always think about the long-term effects of whatever we do. We know that today’s actions are at the heart of long-lasting relations with colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients, at the same time we always consider environmental and social impacts of our strategic decisions.

Working equals collaborating

We treat everyone by their name, we are always ready to help each other and respect different opinions. Our collaboration at work is based on the individual’s responsibility within the bigger picture of the company.


Every employee contributes with her/ his knowledge and skills in a working group to reach the common goal, regardless of seniority. In our “circle culture” everyone takes over a part of responsibility when it comes to the final result.

Leadership at Loacker

We know leaders have a major impact when it comes to work motivation and satisfaction. They markedly influence results. Leadership skills, to us, are therefore essential.

Through the collaboration of our Heads of Department and Management and the precious contribution of all employees, we defined the “Loacker Leadership Guidelines”. Our aim is to give to supervisors clear guidelines, based on four main pillars, that define what we consider good leadership but allow enough room for an individual touch. Every supervisor has to be free to live out their personal leadership style but we still want to have common principles which mirror our culture. Leadership skills are assessed and updated thanks to regular feedback, coaching, and specific training courses.

“It is a duty of supervisors is to constantly develop the Loacker’s four leadership pillars, to embody them and successfully implement them.”

Loacker Leadership Guidelines