Falling in love with hazelnuts is only natural, and even more so if they're Italian. Here at Loacker, we know we need to choose Italian hazelnuts, the ones with the most generous aroma.

Our hazelnuts: irresistible and 100% Italian

When the hazelnuts are fully ripe, we delicately harvest them, select them one by one, and then roast them here at Loacker, to be certain that they maintain the characteristic aroma you expect from our specialties. Appreciating the taste of the hazelnuts in a Loacker treat is a bit like recognizing the love put in by those who take care of the raw materials, from beginning to end. A care that is passionate, and totally traceable.

Roasting hazelnuts at Loacker

The cleaning and roasting process of the hazelnuts takes place at Loacker. Only high quality Italian hazelnuts are used which meet our quality criteria and which are made into nut paste or granules.

Hazelnut aroma

When we roast the hazelnuts, there is a delicious smell in the office and even outside the production hall , much to the delight of our staff.

Our Italian hazelnut orchards

We only use 100% Italian hazelnuts, which partially grow in our own orchards.

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