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The Loacker Franchise System

A central factor for success in the Loacker Franchise System is co-operation with independent Franchise Partners.

The franchise partnership is a partnership for shared business success. The Loacker Franchise System consists of the co-operation between a regional head office and the franchise partners.

This partnership is based on the principles of independence, vertical co-operation, common ground, division of labour and specialisation.

The franchise system has been developed by the Loacker Franchise Head Office and is implemented, system-compatible, in clearly defined contractual territories by the team of the relevant Loacker Regional Head Office in independent subsidiaries and/or with independent Franchise Partners.

Services, requirements and conditions

Factors for Success

The most important factors for success in a franchise system are the people behind it who put the concept into practice, who live by the philosophy and turn the success of the individual into success for all.

The essential prerequisites for the franchise partnership are the identification with the targets and objectives, a positive attitude and acceptance of the Loacker Philosophy.

The Franchise Partners’ economic foundation is solid and they have commercial experience and the skill to lead and motivate employees.

Three Factors for success
The success of the concept is based on three highly relevant factors:

  • The Loacker brand and its Loacker Moccaria sub-brand with their range and services
  • The franchising principle
  • The synergy effects

Each of these three factors is in itself a profoundly established and tested system of economic relevance. By combining these three factors, the concept will become particularly successful.


Some of the services the Franchise Partner can rely on, among others, are:

  • The successful range of Loacker wafers, chocolate-covered wafers, patisserie delicacies, chocolate bars, chocolates, spreads, Pick&Mix as well as gift, seasonal and merchandising products
  • The six positioned product ranges: Loacker chocolate, Loacker wafers, Loacker patisserie, Loacker coffee, Loacker creams and Loacker ice-cream
  • The internationally protected trademarks Loacker and Moccaria
  • A powerful and differentiating corporate identity
  • Know-how documentation of the range, the recipes and presentation of the products
  • A well-proven concept for interior decoration, furnishings and equipment
  • General and detailed planning or turn-key hand-over of the Loacker Point
  • Tips, recommendations and tools dealing with the vital issue of personnel
  • Marketing tools to be used by the individual Franchise Partners or jointly by several Franchise Partners
  • A tailored Cash and Materials Management system
  • Tried and tested logistics (from procurement to disposal)
  • Centralised sourcing
  • Professional controlling and benchmarking
  • An emergency concept

The profile of a Franchise Partner

The personal commitment shown in the implementation of the Loacker Franchise concept, identification with the brand and the philosophy, as well as active contribution to the advancement of the franchise system are prerequisites for the success of the entire Loacker Franchise System.

The Loacker Franchise Partner contributes his/her experience gained in his/her contacts with customers and guests to the Loacker Franchise System and through this has an active impact on the design of the range, marketing and system-relevant factors.

The Franchise Partners' economic foundation is solid and they have commercial experience and the skill to lead and motivate employees.

The right Franchise Partners ensure shared success.


The Franchise Partner is supported by the Regional Head Office in all important matters of the franchise partnership; this also includes matters of financing the Loacker Point.

The wide difference in the initial circumstances and conditions of the future Franchise Partners is also reflected in the financial background that they contribute to the franchise partnership. It can, however, generally be said that solid equity financing is required to become a Franchise Partner.

Loacker has established good contacts with financing and economic promotion institutions on which potential Franchise Partners can draw during their financing negotiations. 

The capital demand of the Franchise Partner lies between €400,000 and €500,000 (depending on the size of the Point)

5% of the net sales Loacker Moccaria
2.5% of the net sales Loacker BrandStore
1% Marketing contribution (will be reinvested at 100%)