Integrated Supply Chain

What is the P.I.F.?

P.I.F. stands for “Integrated Supply Chain” project, funded by the Tuscany region in collaboration with Loacker. We currently own two irrigated farms, for a total of 430 ha since 2014, using Tonda di Giffoni for around 50% of the plants, Tonda Francescana for 30%, Tonda Romana for 10% and Nocchione for the remaining 10%. A portion of the plantation is destined for trials, with plots made of comparative planting layouts and plant shapes, in addition to orchard management techniques, hazelnut conditioning, and hazelnut storage.

Our Italian hazelnut orchards

Quality comes from the earth

Progetto Loacker, Nocciole di Maremma

Reg. (UE) n. 1305/2013

Programma di sviluppo rurale 2014/2020 della Regione Toscana

Codice PIF35/2017

Sottomisura 16.2

Progetto FIL.COT. - Filiera Corilicola Toscana