Loacker Café Brennero Outler Center

The Loacker Café in the Brennero Outlet Center is the ideal spot for a quick break from shopping...

Loacker Café Brennero Outletcenter

Loacker Café Brennero Outletcenter

The Loacker Café Brennero is the first opportunity to sip a genuine Italian cappuccino and explore the Loacker world all in one place as it is the first stop as soon as you cross the border into Italy.

The shopping centre is positioned right on the border between North Tyrol (Austria) and South Tyrol (Italy). Head to the heart of the Outlet Center to find the Loacker Café: simply walk to the 1st floor and choose from the 200 or so available seats.

Discover the variety of Loacker products in the Store, be the first to see new products, find amazing gift ideas and merchandise as well as special offers.


Loacker Café Brennero / Outlet Center
Via S. Valentino 9
39040 – Brennero/Italy

Monday-Sunday 9 a.m. -19 p.m.

Tel. +39 0472 635 050