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The ingredients of passion

If you only use good ingredients, you will get exceptional quality - which you can taste! This is because the flavour of our products comes exclusively from the exquisite ingredients. 

The secret that makes Loacker so irresistible and globally successful requires a lot of experience. With dedication and an unerring eye, we devote ourselves to the careful selection of the ingredients: Italian hazelnuts, real Bourbon vanilla, delicious cocoa, sun-ripened raspberries, fine Loacker chocolate according to our own recipes and high quality milk and fresh mountain water.Categorically, we do not use hydrogenated fats in the production of our premium specialities.

The non-hydrogenated coconut oil lends our creams their tender melting characteristics on the one hand, and, on the other hand, ensures, thanks to its neutral flavour, that the bouquet of the raw materials we use can fully develop.

Since our foundation more than 90 years ago, we have exclusively been using chocolate in our chocolate products that is traditionally made from classic raw materials such as cocoa butter, cocoa mass and sugar, and milk powder for the milk chocolate.  According to patisserie style, we place great importance on premium quality for all raw materials.

However, not only is the quality of our raw materials close to our hearts but also preservation of nature which creates them. That is why we campaign for the protection of the environment and nature for example with the use of state-of-the-art production processes and technologies. The waste heat from the wafer ovens, for example, is used to heat the rooms, thanks to heat recovery.  And, of course, we also consider the well-being and health of our employees. That is why safety at work is our highest priority.

This means that millions of people in the world can happily go for Loacker products with a clear conscience. 

Our ingredients
  • The hazelnut

    The hazelnut

    The secret of Loacker's quality lies within delicious ingredients such as the hazelnuts. These small miracles of nature are the fruits of a plant originally from Asia Minor, which was also propagated in Mediterranean countries. "Corylus avellana" is also known as "common hazelnut" or simply "hazelnut bush".

    Hazelnuts were even appreciated in ancient times: The Greeks and Romans knew their therapeutic properties, the high nutrition value and the huge energy potential.

    Loacker uses since alwasy hazelnuts exclusively from Italy for their products. The hazelnuts are carefully selected and roasted on-site at Loacker so they can develop their distinctive and intense flavour. They give Loacker's sweet delicacies a clear quality advantage. Originally, hazelnuts cultivated around Naples were used - hence the name Napolitaner for wafers with hazelnut flavour.

    This precious ingredient can be found in nearly all Loacker products: They can include up to 20 per cent of the best hazelnuts. 

    The origin of the hazelnut
  • The Bourbon vanilla

    The Bourbon vanilla

    The scientific name of the Bourbon vanilla is Vanilla planifolia. It is a herb taken from the fermented pods of an orchid species.

    The plant is cultivated in many tropical countries nowadays but was originally from Mexico. Even the Aztecs collected its fruit to season their holy drink made with chocolate. They named the fruit "tlilxochitl", the black flower, after the colour of the vanilla blossoms after processing.

    Owing to the artificial fertilisation of the vanilla pods by hand, followed by an elaborate process of preparation and treatment which can take up to ten months until the herb is extracted, vanilla is a very precious herb and one of the most expensive ones in the world.  

    Precious Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar are used exclusively to process Loacker products. They are of premium quality and known for their purity. We only talk from Bourbon vanila pods when they originally come from Madagascar, Réunion, Comoros or Seychelles. 

    Vanilla is excellent for combining with milk, chocolate and hazelnuts. It is used in all Loacker products – most of all, of course, in the wafers with vanilla flavour such as Classic Vanille, Quadratini Vanilla and Sandwich Milk-Vanilla.

    Vanilla is also used in the patisserie of our Loacker Café, for example to produce Raspberry-Vanilla Tartlets or for vanilla cream from our chocolate fountain.

    The secret of the real vanilla
  • The coconut

    The coconut

    The coconut, Cocos nucifera in Latin, can generally be found in warm countries. It is assumed that it originally came from the Indonesian archipelago and was propagated in the entire Pacific region, on the one hand, by ocean currents and, on the other hand, by human actions.

    Based on its excellent usage value and diverse application options, the plant is popular everywhere. It's not called the "Queen of plants" for nothing!

    The coconut water from the inside of the fruit has numerous positive properties. It is refreshing, promotes digestion and it's good for the nervous system. The versatile and nutritious coconut oil is obtained by squeezing the pulp, the so-called copra. 

    All Loacker products with the flavour "Coconut" contain real coconut flakes, which are finely shredded and made into a delicate cream. The coconut flakes largely come from coconuts from Indonesia and the Philippines.

    Another important raw material from the coconut is the coconut oil. Based on its neutral flavour, it is used in all Loacker products in different quantities so the bouquet of the raw materials can reach its full potential. This makes our fillings so irresistibly creamy and soft.

    In the Loacker Café, coconut-chocolate creations in the form of tartlets and coconut ice-cream are particularly popular.

  • The coffee

    The coffee

    High quality ingredients are an essential prerequisite for the delicious and authentic flavour of Loacker premium products. That is why we also attach great important to the quality of the coffee beans.

    "Coffee" is literally on everyone's lips. The term comes from the Arabic "Qahwa" and originally represented the dark red liquid obtained from grains. The Arabic "Qahwa" became the Turkish "Kahve" and finally the German "Kaffee" and the English "coffee". According to legend, an Ethiopian shepherd discovered the energy-giving effect of coffee in 300 B.C. when his flock kept becoming notably livelier after eating the red berries from the plant.

    To meet the high standards of coffee lovers, Loacker attaches great importance to the selection of types of coffee, careful processing of the beans and the preparation of the coffee.

    A Loacker wafer with coffee flavour contains up to 74 per cent of the finest coffee cream: a wonderful flavour experience!

    The very special Loacker Café Espresso is made from a unique blend: 90 per cent of the particularly flavourful Arabica and 10 per cent of the intense Robusta. For this, Loacker selects ripe fruits harvested by hand and processed wet (a more delicate way of processing) which are roasted by an experienced coffee sommelier in South Tyrol.

Welcome to Loacker's world of pure goodness!

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