News New Recipe - November 2021
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Auna di Sotto (Bz), Loacker – the Alto Adige-based worldwide leader in the wafer market that is also specialized in the production of chocolate specialties – has decided to make its recipes more than good, improving them and focusing even more closely on the quality and traceability of its raw materials. Its aim is to stand out in the market and satisfy the demands of its customers, who are increasingly looking for exquisite taste, naturalness and sustainability in the products they purchase.

In order to ensure a 100% natural taste, Loacker has increased the quantity of some high-quality ingredients in its products, offering flavors and a level of sensory bliss that is more amazing than ever. To a great extent, this has been achieved thanks to important projects to verticalize the production chain of essential raw materials in Loacker recipes – hazelnuts, milk, vanilla and cocoa. These projects, which have been launched since 2011, respect nature and the people who live on the land, across the world, from Italy to Madagascar, to Côte d’Ivoire and Ecuador.

The delicious Napolitaner cream filling now contains 10% more hazelnuts – 100% Italian and roasted in-house at Loacker – from the Loacker estates of Corte Migliorina and Colle Lungo in Tuscany, and from the 80 farms in 6 regions in the north and center of Italy that have joined the Italian Hazelnut Orchards project. The new recipes also contain only non-GMO Alpine milk – mostly from small farms near the Loacker facilities – which is processed at the company plant in Vandoies, in Val Pusteria.

And then there is the vanilla cream filling, which now contains 50% more top-quality vanilla, while the chocolate cream filling has been enriched with two varieties of fair-trade cocoa: the more “earthy” variety from Côte d’Ivoire and “fine-flavor” cocoa from Ecuador. The high quality of these two important raw materials is guaranteed respectively by the Madagascar Vanilla project and the Loacker Sustainable Cocoa Farming Program, in which the company is committed to a series of initiatives to support the development of local communities.

The company’s commitment to ensuring an increasingly pure, natural taste can be seen not only in its hazelnuts, milk, vanilla, and cocoa, but also in its careful choice of other precious ingredients. The coffee cream filling, for example, is now made exclusively with the special Loacker 100% Arabica Blend, which has the distinctive characteristic of being roasted high up in the mountains of Alto Adige. The exquisite fruit cream fillings in the Raspberry, Yogurt and Blueberry, and Yogurt Specialities, now also contain more sun-ripened raspberries and hand-picked blueberries.

The attention paid to products that are more than good, with truly satisfying tastes, could hardly fail to include a guarantee that, from 2021, all Loacker products will be non-GMO, with no added flavorings or colors, and with no preservatives and no hydrogenated fats.

With its new recipes, Loacker is taking its traditional goodness to a yet higher level, becoming “more than good”, and making its products, which are so enjoyed and loved throughout the world, even more natural, high-quality, and sustainable.