News Nutrition & Functional - February 2022
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Auna di Sotto (Bz), Loacker – a South Tyrolean company leader in the international wafer market and specialized in chocolate specialties – is proud to present its new “Goodness & Wellbeing” product line. A light snack which is an irresistible mix of genuine flavors and goodness, created for people who want to follow a correct lifestyle without compromising on flavor. Available as Loacker Multigrain and Loacker 30% less sugar, the “Goodness & Wellbeing” line is made with high-quality ingredients sourced from controlled and sustainable supply chains. The products do not include any added flavorings, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or GMOs.

Taking care of our health and the environment are the guiding principles behind consumer behavior. Consumers are looking more and more for a healthy and conscious lifestyle. In other words, they want to take care of their body by following a healthy diet while also protecting the environment – for their future and that of future generations.
Loacker’s new “Goodness & Wellbeing” line aims to meet these demands. It does so by using 100% natural ingredients and opting for paper as its main packaging material for the 45 g, 90 g, and 175 g versions.

The new Loacker Multigrain consists of three wholegrain spelt, wheat, and oat flours embracing two layers of delicious Napolitaner or Cremkakao cream. The wafers’ consistency and enveloping aroma are the result of a delicate grinding process which takes place in South Tyrol in a special mill that protects all their fragrance and wholesomeness.

Loacker’s new Multigrain line is an ideal and tasty choice for breakfast or as a snack thanks to the presence of healthy fibers and its irresistible hazelnut or cocoa cream. A conscious choice without compromising on goodness.

Loacker Multigrain is available as Napolitaner and Cremkakao and comes in the 175 g, 45 g, 45 g x 12, 45 g x 25, 90 g versions. The Quadratini is available in the 110 g and 220 g versions.

The new Loacker 30% Less Sugar are the perfect choice if you need or want to reduce your daily sugar intake without compromising on flavor or goodness. This recipe makes up for the lower sugar content by replacing it with inulin, a completely water-soluble chicory fiber of 100% vegetable origin. These Loacker novelties are filled with mouth-watering creams boasting less sugar and without any colorings – providing for Loacker’s unmistakable flavor.

Loacker 30% Less Sugar is the ideal treat whatever the hour – a tasty and healthy choice. The new wafers are available in the 175 g, 45 g, and 45 g x 25 versions and in the Quadratini 110 g and 220 g versions.

The new Goodness & Wellbeing line is made with select ingredients sourced from a short and sustainable supply chain. The new members of the Loacker family are made with 100% Italian hazelnuts, which are the result of the “Italian Hazelnut Orchard” project. The hazelnuts are grown on the Loacker estates in Migliorina and Collelungo in Tuscany, and in other five regions in central and northern Italy. Once harvested, the hazelnuts are roasted in-house, in the Dolomites. The cocoa, on the other hand, is sourced through our Sustainable Cocoa Farming Program, which gives us select beans from Ecuador and the Ivory Coast. This sustainable supply chai project aims to guarantee the cocoa’s quality and traceability while also helping improve the living conditions of local farmers.

A conscious goodness for a healthy lifestyle which respects the environment. The guiding principles of the New Loacker “Goodness & Wellbeing” line are the ideal choice for a genuine and responsible moment of pure goodness.