News Peanut Butter - February 2022
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Auna di Sotto (Bz), Loacker – a South Tyrolean company leader in the international wafer
market and specialized in chocolate specialties – is proud to present its Wafer Peanut Butter, a novel combination of traditional Loacker wafers enriched with a pinch of cocoa and a mouth-watering peanut cream filling. A reflection of Loacker’s love for everything good and tasty – a genuine and unmissable snack!

Loacker’s Wafer Peanut Butter pack an unmistakable flavor and are as genuine as it gets – get ready to be swept off your feet once your taste their irresistible peanut cream. A careful and nurturing growth process, a refined selection, and the peanuts’ fine grinding ensure the filling acquires a full and exceptional flavor. Even sceptics will end up falling in love with the velvety, delicious cream once they have a bite.
The Peanut Butter comes in the Loacker Classic, Loacker Quadratini, Loacker Tortina and Loacker Gardena versions. Four new products with no added flavorings, colors, preservatives or hydrogenated fats – a 100% natural taste.

The Loacker Classic line welcomes a new member to the family: Loacker Classic Peanut Butter. An irresistible combination of three crispy wafers enriched with a pinch of cocoa and two layers of scrumptious peanut cream filling (75% of the product), made with pure peanut butter cream (17% of the filling). An ideal snack during the day, Loacker’s Classic Peanut Butter are available in a 45 g pack – a perfect treat in the office or at the movies – as well as in a 90 g and 175 g pack to share with family and friends.

Peanut butter fans will hit the stores right away upon hearing the new Peanut Butter flavor can be purchased in the beloved Quadratini format. One small square will have you reaching for more, as the Quadratini Peanut Butter pack all of Loacker’s goodness and genuine flavor: five light, crispy wafers enriched with a pinch of cocoa and four scrumptious layers of peanut cream filling (75% of the product), made with pure peanut butter cream (17% of the filling). The new Quadratini can be purchased in 125 g and 250 g  resealable packs and are the perfect treat for a mid-afternoon snack with family and friends.

Loacker’s Tortina Peanut Butter is the unmissable new Tortina snack if you want to treat yourself during the day, celebrate an important occasion, or just feel downright hungry. Covered in milk chocolate, it is filled with delicious peanut cream (54% of the product) made with pure peanut butter cream (31% of the filling). Always fresh in its individual wrapper, Tortina Peanut Butter is available in 21 g x 3 and 21 g x 6 packs.

If you ever needed a pick-me up during the day to fight off a moment of tiredness, then the delicious Loacker Gardena Peanut Butter was made for you: crispy wafers filled with a delicious peanut filling and covered by irresistible milk chocolate. Loacker’s new Gardena Peanut Butter are available in the 12.5 g single-serve pack as well as in 38 g and 200 g versions. 

The new Wafer Loacker Peanut Butter – impossible to resist. Choose from different formats, the ideal and tasty snack whatever the time of the day. Treat yourself to 100% natural goodness.