Loacker Café Heinfels

Just a stone’s throw from the Loacker production site in Heinfels in East Tyrol lies the Loacker World of Goodness.

Loacker Café Heinfels Panzendorf

Loacker Café Heinfels Panzendorf

This area boasts the Loacker Café, a museum, and the Loacker Pastry Workshop where – you guessed it! – wafer aficionados can make their own creations! The largest Quadratini package in the world (7.5 metres tall) rests outside the main building and welcomes visitors to the World of Goodness. A great start to discover Loacker’s world.

Reaching the site is a walk in the park – no, really. Make your way by car, bus (bus stop in the large parking space) or take the sportier choice of cycling on the nearby Pustertaler cycling path. More than 250,000 visitors a year step into the Loacker Café for a bit of a rest and a drink, purchase their favourite wafers, and top the visit off by heading to the exciting Loacker World of Goodness.

The spacious outdoor terrace is open during summer, and younger guests can have as much fun as they desire with the Loacker Gnometti cutout boards.


Loacker Café Heinfels
Panzendorf 196
A-9919 – Heinfels/Austria

Open daily from 9 a.m. - 18 p.m.
Closed: 01.11. / 31.12. / 01.01
24.12. shortened opening hours

Tel. +43 4842 6060