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With its great assortment of delicious little goodies, Loacker Classic Minis Mix will bring irresistible goodness to those you love. It won’t be easy to choose which Loacker Classic Minis flavor to try out first: Napolitaner, with its delicious cream of 100% Italian hazelnuts toasted in-house at Loacker, Cremkakao, with a cream that’s a perfect blend of cacao and chocolate, or Vanille, bountiful delights with a sweet cream scented with authentic Bourbon vanilla pods.

Sizes available

  • 300g




Our wafers are the essence of pure goodness and they represent the best of Loacker. Their meticulous preparation was first refined with masterly skill by Alfons Loacker and later by his son Armin, who preserved and enhanced the original recipe.

Nutritional values and ingredients