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Pastry Workshop - experience Loacker live

In Heinfels, exquisite specialities are created every day: Just like in 1925, in Alfons Loacker's small patisserie, wafers are baked and refined with all sorts of delicious ingredients. Loacker reveals its well-kept secrets and invites gourmets to a truly unique experience. Visitors can go on a journey of discovery and find out in an exciting way how Loacker's fine and crispy wafers are created. The interactive Pastry Workshop, as a particularly innovative attraction, will guarantee a unique experience.

Wafer enthusiasts will become bakers and are allowed to let their imagination run riot. With instruction from experts, you can independently create your individual Loacker wafer speciality to your personal taste.  You can randomly combine Loacker's cream fillings, spread them on freshly baked wafers, portion them and take them home in a specially prepared packaging.  If you like, you can have this experience recorded as a photo which will be sent to you by email as a memento.

Loacker Pastry Workshop
Loacker Pastry Workshop