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Auna di Sotto (BZ) Loacker – a South Tyrolean company specializing in wafer and chocolate specialties – is proud to announce its new, irresistible product, the Loacker Chocolate Duality: two tasty layers of refined chocolate in one single bar. A pleasant surprise which will sweep you off your feet!

Loacker has a vocation for true goodness, and, over the past ninety years, it has pushed the company to discover every single shape and form of goodness by the always new and original combination of delicious and high-quality ingredients. The South Tyrolean company, famous the world over for its exceptional wafers, decided to expand its offer in the last years by launching its own interpretation of a traditional chocolate bar: Loacker Chocolate.

Loacker Chocolate is much more than a simple chocolate bar. It hides a tasty surprise on the inside: a thin layer of crispy wafer in its various flavors (Loacker Chocolate Classic and Specialty) or irresistible wafer crispies in its new Loacker Chocolate Duality line.

Could chocolate get any better than it already is? Now it can thanks to Loacker Chocolate Duality: double the flavor thanks to two tasty chocolate layers, which charter new routes of delicious and unexpected harmonies between fragrances, and its union with the brand-new wafer crispies delivering a light and crispy snack. An indulgent treat waiting to be discovered.

The new unmissable Loacker Chocolate Duality bars deliver twice the goodness! A dark chocolate (38% cocoa) layer with a generous dash of wafer crispies and the refined white chocolate layer boasting powdered coffee for the Coffee flavor or caramel drops and 100% Italian hazelnut pieces for the Caramel Hazelnut flavor.

What makes Loacker Chocolate Duality unique? Its wafer crispies: they make the Duality chocolate bar as light and crispy as a wafer. A new type of Loacker wafer, new on the market, for an innovative flavor packing twice the punch with every bite.

The irresistible goodness of Loacker Chocolate Duality is obtained without additional aromas, colorings, preservatives, nor hydrogenated fats. The trademark high-quality of Loacker is also guaranteed by the constant attention the company pays to the environment, using simple ingredients for exquisite treats. The production plants are located in the Alps, where the air is fresher and purer and the water is crystal-clear.

Loacker Chocolate Duality Coffee and Caramel Hazelnut can be purchased as practical Pocket Size (50g) versions, ideal for a to-go snack just for you or to share with your friends. All you have to do now is try them and discover your favorite flavor!