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Working with Loacker

We see our company as a living system in which everything is connected: Everybody, in his or her role and field of work, shares responsibility for everything. We support independent work and the individual strengths of each employee using various strategies. Employees are given adequate freedom to make decisions for target-orientated actions in their area of competence. 

As coaches, our managers support the development of employees and strengthen them in their personal skills. We maintain a participating managerial style with clear responsibilities where we meet on an equal footing, with mutual respect and appreciation. Our principle of the "open door" ensures that hierarchies are broken down and supervisors are approachable. In order to create this trusting working atmosphere, our managers are specially trained in the areas of participating leadership as well as systematic organisational and corporate management. Through interdisciplinary work in project teams and learning together, we strengthen co-operation and employees' identification with the company.

Open and transparent communication on every level is very important to us. This is embedded in corporate culture and also supported by the employees' journal "Loacker My Journal". Employees are directly involved in its production - suggesting topics, as interview partners or as editors. This is how we would like to promote mutual understanding and change in the company as well as create a common foundation for knowledge and values. 

Personal and professional development

Personal and professional development

Loacker Academy is Loacker's training institution and centre for continuing education. It offers special training for the further development of our experts' and managers' professional and personal skills. These are partly developed by us and partly organised by renowned training facilities. It includes, for example, courses and seminars for experts to develop methodical and social competences as well as language classes. Project, shift and divisional directors are trained, among other things, in the areas of communication, personal development and participating leadership. The goals of further education are the development of and working as a team, improving communication, dialogue and conflict resolution skills as well as optimising the internal meeting culture. Another important topic is raising awareness of managerial responsibility and dealing with employees as well as an induction into leading talks about employee development.

Loacker Academy also has a web portal on which employees can find out about current training, register for courses and view their training history at any time.

Talks with employees and talks about employee development 
The employee's personal talk with his or her supervisor supports the individual's development. In a confidential setting, the employees receive appreciative feedback and an assessment of their performance. During a dialogue, views about skills and possible improvements are exchanged. Additionally, individual goals and development opportunities are discussed and agreed together - with each employee being an active part in the decision as to which goals he or she would like to set and in which areas he or she would like to develop. 

Safe and healthy at work
Safe and healthy at work

Safe and healthy at work

Health and safety at work are our top priority. Beyond the minimum legal standards, we ensure occupational safety as well as promotion of health. The principles and measures for this are formalised in our Quality and Sustainability Policy. Furthermore, Loacker is certified according to BHS OHSAS 18001 (British Standard Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series). 

Prevention and well-being
Our health and safety management is not limited to safety at work and the prevention of accidents and risks. It also includes prevention measures. We offer various events to maintain and strengthen health and well-being. Office work places are designed ergonomically and employees are given tips to safeguard health whilst working with computer screens. 

In our production departments, where work takes place at the conveyor belt or in shifts, we ensure regular changes to reduce health impairment. With initiatives such as the "Loacker Tennis Club" and offers such as company fun runs or football competitions, we also support our employees' sporting activities during their leisure time. 

In our in-house canteen, we pay attention to the healthy, balanced and wholesome diet of our employees. We process only fresh, regional and seasonal products and respect the needs of employees with food allergies and vegetarians. Various lounges and coffee kitchens as well as the natural environment of our location contribute to the overall well-being of our employees.

Loacker company mission statement

Loacker company mission statement

Our employees are crucial for the positive development of our company. Skills and experience, service and commitment, enthusiasm and passion are the prerequisites to fulfil the high requirements which we and others have for us. We demand and support professional and personal development and are anxious to create an environment in which employees can open up and grow, find their purpose, assume responsibility and therefore show top performance.

Diversity and equal opportunities
As a globally active company, we are in daily contact with people of different cultures. For us, mutual respect, tolerance and cosmopolitanism are essential requirements in dealing with one another. It is embedded in our mission statement that we do not tolerate any form of discrimination towards people based on sex, skin colour, race, origin, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, language, nationality, age or disability. All employees who are subjected to or witness discrimination are obliged to report this immediately to the manager in charge.