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Enter a world of tradition, love for nature and quality ingredients. At 1000 meters of altitude.

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Raw Materials

Raw Materials

All our raw materials can be traced from A to B. Wheat flour, sugar, milk, and cocoa (powdered ingredients); coconut oil and chocolate (liquid); hazelnuts, coconut flakes, cereals, powdered fruit, coffee, vanilla pods, salt, and yeast are delivered in bags. All transport and storing processes undergo a strict quality assurance procedure.

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Hazelnuts Roasting Process

Selected hazelnuts are washed and freshly roasted in-house. Loacker uses refined Italian hazelnuts that meet our quality and taste criteria.

24h between the Hazelnut trees


All the creams used in our products are prepared using cutting- edge technology (fully automated weighing, mixing, chopping, and diluting procedures). Approximately 4 tons of cream are produced per hour. Once ready, it is funnelled into storage silos and mixed for at least 24 hours to favour cooling and spreadability.

Coating Process

After cutting the blocks, some of our wafers are covered with chocolate. We use a tempered chocolate, which, after cooling, confers a pleasant-looking sheen to the product.

When pure goodness is part of the family

Andreas Loacker, head of research and development of the company and guardian of a family tradition that has been handed over for three generations, tells how to keep up with the times without renouncing its values.

At work with a smile

For fifteen years Elisabetta, head of the packaging line, has been working for Loacker in a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Her enthusiasm is a fundamental contribution to the goodness of Loacker products.


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