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The crispy, creamy classics with unrivalled taste

The flavour of our wafer classics has been second to none since 1925 and they have always been extraordinarily popular. The secret of their success is based on the wafer iron, the selected natural ingredients, the loving preparation and the special recipes for the extra fine cream fillings.

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The wafer classic covered with delicious chocolate

For chocolate lovers, we have covered our popular wafer classics in delicious chocolate. Underneath, there are light, crispy wafers and two layers of tenderly melting cream filling.

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Classic Minis

The classic in a practical mini size

The Classic Minis, in their practical small size, are the perfect companion throughout the day, a big hit for all types of breaks. They will win you over with their three delicious layers of tenderly melting cream filling and four light, crispy wafers!

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Irresistible cube shaped crunchy pleasure

Enjoy an unrivalled and delicious flavour experience with Quadratini! The bite-size, crunchy cubes with five light, crispy wafers and four layers of the smoothest cream filling will tempt you to enjoy more than one.

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Chocolatey and creamy pleasure for perfect moments of well-being

This uniquely creamy wafer creation forms the perfect blend of the smoothest cream filling, five light and crispy wafers and fine chocolate - creating an extremely harmonious pleasure.

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Extraordinary flavour combinations for demanding palates

There are specialities that don't fit the norm, therefore offering extraordinary as well as original flavour experiences for very special occasions. Discover the refined wafer specialities by Loacker!

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Light, crispy wafer pleasure for in between

If you like to take life easy, you should defintely try the airy Loacker Sandwich wafers! They offer natural pleasure to aware connoisseurs, with their layer of the smoothest cream filling and exquisite ingredients, held by two light, crispy wafers, refined with a pinch of cocoa.

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The pleasure experience with most layers

Layer for layer maximum pleasure - the Maxi wafers are full of goodness: Six light, crispy wafers and five layers of the smoothest cream filling are waiting for you to enjoy them!

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