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As a producing and service-orientated company, we are committed to the protection of our employees and nature, to complying with customer requests, to a systematic management and an open information policy.

In order to fulfil requirements for an integrated management system as well as our own targets, we have set up a management system that includes the requirements for a quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001), food safety management and an environment management system (DIN EN ISO 14001). It complies with express aspects of occupational safety (BS OHSAS) and is used in the company as an integrated management system.


We are convinced that high product and service quality as well as environmental protection and observing social and ethical principles and economic success should not be a conflict today and for future generations. They are important principles in securing the independence and long-term existence of the company.

Our integrated management system

Quality & customer requirements

The company has the highest quality requirements for its products and services. This is expressed in the raw materials used, in the development and design of products and services, in implemented processes and use of the individual as well as the organisation, through all phases of the supply chain.

Food safety

We design our structures and processes in such a way that we can detect the dangers of potential adverse health effects as early as possible and prevent them in time, as well as react to them as quickly as possible, comprehensively and transparently.

Health & occupational safety

The well-being of our employees is crucial for the success of the company. That is why occupational safety as well as promotion of health beyond the minimum legal standards are paramount to us. We actively support programs and measures to maintain physical and psychological health as well as work-life-balance.

BS OHSAS 18.001 

Environmental protection

Our production processes and Points are safe, use resources sparingly and are low in emissions, mainly with reference to greenhouse gas and other air emissions such as noise, energy, material and water consumption, waste water and waste as well as land consumption.

Avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions as well as air and noise emissions through the transport of goods and people is a central goal of the company.

When securing the quality and quantity of our raw material needs, we aim for a high proportion of agriculturally sustainably produced resources - not least for the preservation of biological diversity and the protection of the water balance.

Given the same quality and competitive prices, we will choose regional partners and suppliers.

Our aim is the restriction of resource consumption (Concept of Sufficiency) and the improvement of resource efficiency. This includes avoiding and reducing waste quantities resulting from packaging material and closing the materials and energy cycles.